Remote work for public sector workers

Today, the Greek Ministry of the Interior has tabled a bill to institutionalize teleworking in the public sector.

The bill aims to define a framework for telecommuting employees in the public sector: both in emergencies, such as a pandemic, and on a regular basis, if the nature of the employee’s duties allows it.

By definition, teleworking is voluntary, except in emergencies where there is a threat to public health.

Remote employees have the same rights and responsibilities as those physically present. They must also work at the same hours. The share of service employees who can be transferred to the status of remote work cannot exceed 50%. The bill also provides for a number of measures to protect employee personal data. As a rough guide, the institution should ensure that the personal data of the employee is protected, while in the case of teleconferencing, video is not allowed. The time frame during which teleworking can be applied is also clearly defined.

In particular, remote work is provided on certain days of the week and month; it cannot exceed 40 working days in a calendar year for three months. Finally, the provision of telecommuting from July 15 to August 31 is excluded. The service is required to provide the employee with appropriate equipment and IT support, while bearing the cost of maintaining and upgrading the equipment. At the end of working hours, a remote worker has the right to disconnect from the funds that he uses to perform his duties.

Considering how government officials now work in person, in the workplace, one can imagine how this will happen in absentia.

Something like already happened during an online videoconference of employees of the Municipal Council of Corinth, according to During it, the municipal councilor hooked up to an online chat in his underwear. The situation might not have attracted everyone’s attention, but the man, trying in vain to adjust the position of the camera to show his face, managed to show much more than necessary.

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