Newborn with umbilical cord found in Aspropyrgos

In the metropolitan area of ​​Aspropyrgos, where a large number of immigrants from the former USSR live, a newly born baby was accidentally discovered on an abandoned plot of land.

The child was seen by a passer-by, a citizen of Georgia. According to the MEGA TV channel, walking down the street in the Psari (Aspropyrgos) area, she suddenly heard screams.

Approaching the place from where they were distributed, a local resident saw a newborn, wrapped in a towel, with the umbilical cord not yet cut off. According to the Athens-Macedonian News Agency, the child is a girl.

The woman immediately notified the police. Law enforcement officers urgently arrived at the scene. While they were waiting for the arrival of an ambulance, they tried to warm the baby. The newborn girl was taken to the children’s hospital, her life is out of danger.

The police began to clarify the circumstances of the case and search for the would-be mother, who in cold blood threw her own child out into the street.

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