USA: two victims in an accident with Tesla in autopilot mode

A 2019 Tesla Model S electric car crashed into a tree at high speed, 2 corpses were found in the car, media reported.

The accident occurred north of Houston, in the US state of Texas. Police spokesman Mark Herman, in an interview with The Wall Street Journal on April 18, said that preliminary results of the investigation indicate that the car was moving on autopilot, and no one was driving.

A five-door Tesla, which was moving at high speed, crashed into a tree on Saturday night. According to the KHOU-TV channel, it flew out of the roadway at a bend and, after colliding with a tree, caught fire. The flames could not be extinguished long enough, and then two bodies were found on the front and back of the seats.

The CEO of the company, Elon Musk, belatedly, revealed the details of the incident and the death of people in Tesla. He claims that the autopilot was not activated and the full autonomous driving feature was not purchased for this car. RIA Novosti quotes:

“Data records obtained to date indicate that autopilot has not been activated and full autonomous driving has not been purchased for this vehicle.”

In addition, Musk emphasizes, certain road markings are necessary for the autopilot to work on a car, and there were no road markings on the street where the incident occurred.

Tesla in 2020 produced and delivered 499,550 cars to customers, their sales exceeded the indicators of 2019 by 36%. From October to December last year alone, consumers received 180,570 electric vehicles. Elon Musk, the CEO of the American company, topped the Bloomberg billionaire ranking in January. The wealth of the richest person on the planet is estimated at $ 188.5 billion or 153.6 billion euros.

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