June 25, 2024

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Expert: “If we stay in Athens for Easter, the number of cases of covid will increase”

The pulmonologist-resuscitator Theodoros Vasilakopoulos commented on “the disagreement between the authorities over whether to allow citizens to travel to villages on Easter amid an unfavorable epidemiological situation.”

“If we stay in Athens and other large cities, and do not go to the villages on Easter, the number of cases will increase. No one will stay in their own homes, most likely, people will want to meet with family and friends. And this is possible only in apartments, and not outdoors, which is categorically unacceptable in this environment, ”the professor warned, explaining that the current quarantine package“ no longer works. ”He suggested allowing inter-regional travel through self-examination and opening open-air restaurants.

“Let’s change the package of measures a little”
In this context, Mr. Vasilakopoulos proposed to allow travel, insuring himself with a self test. “We will conclude an honest agreement between citizens and the government, each of us will conduct a self-test on Holy Wednesday or Maundy Thursday, and those who have a self-test will show a positive result, will be conscientious and stay at home. While the rest will be free to go to the village and see relatives, without complicating the epidemiological situation in the future, “he said.

He explained that quarantine measures are aimed at reducing social contacts. “When close communication does not stop, we must understand the meaning of the quarantine measures imposed by the government and think about it, each one personally. What was previously effective will not take effect now. This is a dead end. If the police start breaking up the coronavirus parties,” we will have problems in terms of public outrage. We will reach a dead end, “said Mr. Vasilakopoulos.

“Vaccinated should be able to move freely”
The pulmonologist also commented on the value of vaccinations given by citizens. “Since vaccinated people have a minimal risk of getting sick and even less transmitting the virus (and when using a mask, the risk is generally reduced), they should be able to move freely in the same way as those who have recovered from covid. When officially diagnosed, the frequency of re-infection and re-transmission is extremely small because antibodies are produced, ”he explained.

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