In Europe, the so-called. "green passport"

Thirteen countries of the European Union have agreed on 7 main provisions of the “green passport” with the aim of its early implementation at the European level, said the Minister of Tourism of Austria Elisabeth Kastinger.

At the invitation of Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain and Italy discussed for the first time the priorities for implementing the Green Passport during a teleconference on March 29th. Two weeks later, 13 EU member states agreed that the green passport should be implemented no later than June.

The main tasks that the “green passport” must solve is digital confirmation that its owner:

✅ vaccinated against COVID-19 or
✅ has a negative test or
✅ had been ill with COVID-19

The so-called “Digital Green Certificate” must be:

in digital and / or paper format; with QR code; free; in the national language and in English; protected; recognized by all EU countries.

How can citizens get a “green passport”?

National governments will be responsible for issuing the certificate. It will be available, for example, at a hospital or testing center.

How will a green passport help freedom of movement?

✅ The holder of a “green passport” should be exempted from restrictive measures when traveling within the European Union, for example, from mandatory quarantine or the need for testing.

At the same time, if an EU member state still demands restrictions for holders of a “green passport”, it will have to notify the European Commission and substantiate its claim.

‼ ️ The absence of such a certificate should not be a reason for a ban on the movement of residents of the European Union in the countries of the bloc.

It is especially noted that the “green passport” will contain only the most necessary information – personal data to identify the owner, type of vaccine, batch number and place of vaccination or testing. In addition, it was decided that a single database will not be created for this, but each country will store data in local databases. The EU will only act as a “digital bridge” for the exchange of data between stakeholders.

The validity of the “green passport” will be from June 1, 2021 until the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

Based on media reports.

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