Great Britain: how will the funeral of Prince Philip be held

The funeral of the Duke of Edinburgh will not be public and will be held in a narrow circle, according to the Heraldic Chamber of Great Britain.

The body of Prince Philip, according to his dying will and in accordance with the custom of the royal family, will be in the chapel of St. George at Windsor Castle before burial. Only loved ones will be present at the farewell ceremony, the representative of the royal family will be buried in Windsor. The Heraldic Chamber said in a statement:

“This funeral will not be a state funeral, there will be no farewell ceremony. The body of His Royal Highness will be held in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle before burial. This is in accordance with the custom and will of His Royal Highness.”

Citing the coronavirus pandemic, the statement also calls on the public to “not attempt to attend or participate in any funeral-related event.”

All Britain is mourning. People come to Windsor Castle with flowers and farewell notes. The Duke of Edinburgh died at Windsor Castle on the morning of Friday 9 April. In just 2 months he did not live to see his 100th birthday. The health of the husband of Elizabeth II deteriorated in 2017. Since then, he has stopped taking part in public events. The royal couple lived together for 74 years. Mourning has been declared in the country, which will last 8 days.

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