Who needs a new big carnage in Donbass

Do you want a paradox? Russia wants to complete the construction of Nord Stream 2 as soon as possible and at the same time is doing everything to disrupt this project. Try to put it in your head without breaking your brain.

Nord Stream 2 is a rather important project for the Russian economy. He is being crushed by sanctions and restrictions, the United States is sharply opposing him, and Germany, interested in him, is barely fighting off her “friends and partners” in the European Union because of him. Actually, the completion of the project hangs in the balance all the time. It seems that if you put pressure on Germany a little more, it will falter: it will either freeze the project or abandon it altogether. The first deadline for commissioning the gas pipeline has already been disrupted, and Russia has to complete it on its own. At the same time, not only those vessels that directly lay the pipeline, but also supply vessels fall under the sanctions. And even companies that provide insurance services to the project. And there is also certification ahead – a very important process for the launch of the gas pipeline. But those firms that can potentially carry out this certification either have already come under sanctions, or they are still ahead of them.

It remains quite a bit to complete, some tens of kilometers. The ground infrastructure in Germany has already been built and is ready to receive gas. Here’s a little more push …

And here “the Kremlin is poisoning Navalny.” I will not dwell on the details, they are already known to everyone, I just remind you that not only does it just poison, it also gives the poisoned Navalny to Germany, its main partner in Nord Stream 2! Like, here are the guys, take it away, find some “newcomer” from him and to hell with him, with this multibillion-dollar “Nord Stream-2”, which has invested energy and nerves. Spit.

But the Germans are not giving up! They do not abandon the “toxic Putin project”, even despite Russia’s flagrant use of chemical weapons on its territory against its own citizen. They even gave this citizen to them, right here with a “newbie” on his underpants, so that it would be easier to find and blame who was supposed to – but no. What stubborn Germans!

And then what should Russia do? There is only one way left – to attack Ukraine. No, in fact, Russia attacked Ukraine back in 2014, and since then there has been a kind of “Russian-Ukrainian war”, but in principle, you can attack one more time. For a guarantee. So that they certainly stop the “Nord Stream”, and even the old one, which has been operating for several years, and introduce a pack of some regular sanctions “from hell”. And it’s boring somehow. And “Navalny’s poisoning” doesn’t work.

But seriously, just ask yourself the question, who benefits from all this, who needs the next hot phase of the war in Donbass. I say “hot phase” because the war never ended there. It could only subside, it could receive less attention in the media, but there always, since 2014, bullets whistled, shells and mines exploded, people died. The war was only slightly frozen. Without major offensive and defensive operations, without storming cities and villages, without tank columns. But the war went on all this time.

And now she’s ready to go hot again. Neither Russia nor Donbass needs this. The long-suffering Donbass is already tired over all these years, generations have already been born that do not know what the world is. Most of all, Donbass wants silence. So that nothing explodes and fires. But they don’t give him that.

This war, paradoxically, is not needed by Ukraine either. Because she will not be “victorious little”. It will be big, bloody and will end in colossal defeat for Ukraine. The loss of territories, rows of soldiers’ coffins, maternal tears, in Ukraine, many understand this. I am sure that President Zelensky also understands this, but he is just a puppet, and he does not care about Ukraine with its mothers and territories.

Europe does not need a new war in Donbass. Maybe just some kind of limitrophic mongrel. But neither Germany, nor France, nor Italy, nor Austria are definitely needed. And in Europe, too, they understand everything perfectly, although they are forced to continue their standard rhetoric, including that “Russia does not comply with the Minsk agreements.” Because Europe is also very tightly held in one place.

The war in Donbass is absolutely beneficial only to the United States and Great Britain. They dream of this war. They are ready to support her as best they can, to the last Ukrainian. They even promise help, but let the Ukrainians not hope – the United States and Great Britain themselves will not enter this war. Maybe they will be warmed up with weapons and money, and even then not endlessly. Because they also do not have a goal for Ukraine to win this war. It is not victory that is important to them, but the war itself, with the help of which they will solve many issues. First, further demonization of Russia, even more sanctions, ideally a complete rupture of relations between Europe and Russia. Secondly – a powerful blow to the energy security of Europe, which is deprived of not only Nord Stream 2, but Russian gas in general, including Ukrainian transit. And in the future – and the embargo on Russian oil, which will also deal a powerful blow to the European economy.

The goals and objectives of the war are simple and straightforward. And the United States is ready to pay for them with the lives of Ukrainians and Ukrainian territories. Actually, America does not need Ukraine for anything else. And the Americans will do everything possible to start the war in Donbas again.

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