Covid passes in Europe have become an indispensable attribute of everyday life

Despite protests and complaints, vaccination passports have become a part of everyday life in most European countries. True, in some places restrictions exist only on paper, and in some places you cannot even get to work without a Covid pass. For example, in Scotland, vaccination passports are already in effect, in England they do without […]

Britain refuses to fight coronavirus, considering vaccination passports useless

UK Health Minister Sajid Javid decided to abandon vaccination passports, as announced on 12 September. There was a heated discussion on Twitter. BBC journalist Andrew Marr asked the official a question of interest to the vast majority of Britons: “Just two days ago, the Minister for Vaccinations Nadim Zahavi said that he didn’t like vaccination […]

Tourism: British prepare vaccination passports, but “4 out of 10 won’t go anywhere”

According to the Daily Mail, while the Boris Johnson administration intends to prepare vaccination passports by May 17 so that Britons can vacation in Greece and other countries abroad, many have been rather lukewarm about the idea of ​​going anywhere this year. A government source told the Daily Mail that vaccination passports, whether digital or […]

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