Forced quarantine due to bad weather “slowed down” the spread of coronavirus

An unexpected ally in efforts to stem the latest wave of coronavirus has been Elpis’ bad weather, as expert Nikos Tsanakis says the cold could slow its spread.

According to the professor of pulmonology, the situation with “frozen life” in Attica in the past two days, as well as in other parts of Greece, when most citizens are at home due to bad weather and a declared holiday, has favorably affected the number of cases of coronavirus.

“Bad weather drastically reduces social contacts, transport is not used, we do not leave the house, and on the other hand, it increases family contacts,” said Nikos Tsanakis.

In an interview with the MEGA channel, the professor said that the number of cases will decrease.

“We had a slight decrease in the number of cases, but last week the situation “froze”, however, as in a number of other countries,” added Nikos Tsanakis, stressing that, as expected, it will be possible to judge by the state of affairs in other states.

“We have to see if the strain will prevail in our country as well. This will be seen in the coming weeks, because at first it seems that it has a higher transmissibility than Omicron, ”added the professor.


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