The UN calculated the number of Ukrainian refugees: only 10 million, in European countries 6.3 million people

The United Nations reported on 3 August 10,350,489 Ukrainian refugees. The latest report from the Refugee Agency states: “This is one of the biggest displacement crises since World War II, and by far the fastest.” At least 6.3 million people live in European countries, of which about 3.7 million are officially registered as refugees. UN […]

Weather forecast: moving snowstorms and cold

Meteorologist Sakis Arnautoglu predicts how bad weather will develop tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. On Tuesday, Elpida is expected to move south and hit Crete, where heavy snowfall is expected in the next 24 hours. Low temperatures will persist throughout the country until Wednesday. It will soon become clear whether the invasion of a […]

Each movement between prefectures will cost the unvaccinated 20 euros – new rules

From Monday 5 July, new rules for travel outside the prefecture begin to apply. Free movement will only be possible for vaccinated citizens. In the absence of vaccination, you will need to pay 20 euros for a rapid test. According to, the new restrictions proposed by the infectious disease committee have been blocked, but […]