Who will receive the first mortgage loans up to 150,000 euros

Starting from the new year, 25,000 young people under the age of 39 will receive housing loans up to 150,000 euros, with an interest rate of 1.5% and zero for those with many children. Priority will be given to large families and young couples with children, followed by childless couples and singles. In the first […]

Tragedy in Lamia: a woman’s heart broke when she found out that her house was put up for auction

The local population in Lamia is shocked to learn that a 56-year-old woman has collapsed after being told to vacate her house, which is up for auction. Her heart broke when she learned about the “forced eviction” from the house, while it is worth noting that this first residence, and she allegedly previously had heart […]

“My House”: loans up to 150,000 euros with an interest rate of 1%. What is included in the new housing program

Low-interest or interest-free loans for young couples who will live in renovated houses up to 120 square meters and worth up to 150,000, with a construction year up to 2007, were announced, among other things, by Minister of Labor and Social Affairs Kostis Hatzidakis. The new housing program presented by Minister of Labor and Social […]

The first housing: a platform for paying off debt and receiving state loans was opened. subsidies

The Ministry of Finance has activated a digital platform for first (main) homeowners for vulnerable households unable to pay their mortgages, in accordance with the new law 4738/2020 on debt settlement and second chances. The aforementioned law contains a number of favorable conditions for households, such as: Out-of-court debt settlement up to 240 payments to […]