Anniversary of the European Parliament – solemn meeting of European leaders in Strasbourg

This year the European Parliament celebrates its 70th anniversary. Over the years, the number of representatives has grown from 78 to 705 deputies, they are directly elected. In Strasbourg, European leaders gathered in honor of the anniversary of the European Parliament: in 1952, the first session of the General Assembly of the European Coal and […]

The European Parliament wants to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism, the US is against

On Wednesday, November 23, the European Parliament will vote on a resolution containing a provision on recognizing Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism due to Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine. The information note prepared for MEPs and staff of the European Parliament explains that this resolution is a response to the call of the […]

The European Parliament approved the rules governing the work of large technology companies

New, stricter rules passed today by the European Parliament are intended to regulate the activities of the largest technology companies in the EU, such as Amazon, Google and Meta. The new regulations will regulate two laws – On Digital Services and On Digital Markets. They will replace the e-commerce directive adopted two decades ago. From […]

The European Parliament voted for candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova

The European Parliament today adopted a resolution calling for candidate status for membership in EU for Ukraine and Moldova, and to support Georgia’s European perspective. About this, as he writes “European Truth”, said the press service of the European Parliament. 529 deputies voted “for” the resolution, 45 voted “against”, 14 abstained. In the resolution, the […]

The European Parliament recommended granting Ukraine the status of an EU candidate

At the plenary session, the European Parliament adopted a resolution in which it recommended to the Council EU grant Ukraine the status of an EU candidate: “as a clear political signal of solidarity with the people of Ukraine.” According to “European Truth” citing Deutsche Welle, a resolution calling for Ukraine to be granted candidate status, […]

Two MEPs from "ND" abstain from voting in EU parliament on same-sex marriage

Two MEPs from the ruling New Democracy Party abstained from voting on a European Parliament resolution calling for inter-bloc recognition of same-sex marriage. The project was approved by 387 MEPs, 161 voted against, 123 abstained. According to available information, Anna-Michel Azimakopoulou was on the list of 123 abstaining, and Manolis Kefalogiannis did not even participate […]

European Parliament: Resolution speaks of suspension of negotiations on Turkey’s accession to EU

With 520 votes in favor, 72 against and 97 abstaining, the European Parliament approved a proposal to suspend negotiations on Turkey’s accession to the EU. The European Union should officially suspend negotiations on Turkey’s inclusion in its ranks if Ankara does not change its behavior. This is stated in the resolution adopted on May 19 […]

European Parliament: Facebook censors publications on coronavirus in favor of pharmaceutical companies

Three MEPs from Italy’s Identity and Democracy Group * filed a written request for censorship on Facebook, accusing company CEO Mark Zuckerberg of censoring their posts to the benefit of pharmaceutical vaccine companies. MPs say in their request: “Facebook is increasingly restricting citizens’ freedom of expression by censoring their posts, citing alleged and vague violations […]