How Predator “infected” Greece from Cyprus. Israel’s role in this matter

About how Predator was launched by Cyprus and a group of former Israeli intelligence officers (almost certainly active employees, we know that in these offices former does not happen), says the Greek Cypriot historian and journalist Makarios Droussiotis. The author served in the presidential palace as an adviser to Nikos Anastasiades and recorded testimonies not […]

New names of the victims of the wiretapping scandal. Why K. Karamanlis "crossed the Rubicon"

Kostas Karamanlis, a former prime minister and current challenger for the New Democracy leadership, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, is now actively promoting his program in the party he sees without Mitsotakis. According to sources, he enlisted the support of another pole of power in ND, former Prime Minister A. Samaras, and now they will make their […]

Euractive has uploaded a video showing journalists in Greece being monitored and in the toilet

In a humorous and poignant video, Euractiv satirically pokes fun at the Mitsotakis government for wiretapping journalists and the opposition, showing a country where members of the press are even watched in the toilet. A video filmed at the workplaces of Greek journalists shows how they are under constant and intense government scrutiny. When they […]

ΑΔΑΕ: Listening files are missing

ADAE, a month after the statement about the wiretapping of the opposition and journalists, decided to investigate … the case, only the electronic files with the data of surveillance of PASOK President N. Androulakis and journalist T. Koukakis had already been destroyed by that time. This was the official response to a briefing by an […]

Former CIA agent’s company scans Greek social media and sells data to intelligence agencies

A fine of 20 million from ΑΔΑΕ “for finding people and information from social networks and creating personal files that they then sell to intelligence agencies, individuals, etc.” A previously unknown company, ClearView AI, owned by former CIA officer and Palantir co-founder Peter Thiel, which the government brought in in 2020 and handed over the […]

Freedom of speech in Greek: instead of detaining the perpetrators of crimes, they are looking for journalists

The Prosecutor’s Office of the Supreme Court ordered arrest a journalist and publisher Petros Kousulus as part of the investigation appointed for the leak of classified documents ΕΥΠafter publishing them in the newspaper. In particular, the prosecutor issued an order to conduct an investigation into the detention and arrest of journalist-publisher Petros Kousoulos. However, his […]

Listening to the opposition: a long “debate” without results. Opposition demands prime minister’s resignation

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis reiterated on Friday that the National Intelligence Service’s “legal surveillance” ΕΥΠ MEP and leader of the socialist opposition party PASOK/KINAL Nikos Androulakis was a “mistake”. speaking during a parliamentary debate over the wiretapping scandal, the Prime Minister added, however, that the activities EYP essential to the security of the country. […]

Outrage forced government spokesman to apologize for attacking Politico correspondent

Greek government spokesman Yiannis Ikonomou offered a half-hearted apology for the attacks and discrediting of POLITICO correspondent in Greece, Nectaria Stamouli, who is also the president of the Foreign Press Association in the country. Iconomou could not help correcting his previous statements after the protests of local and foreign press associations, as well as Greeks […]

ΕΥΠ Leader’s Confession: “No one is exempt from surveillance!”

The Parliamentary Committee on Institutions and Transparency flared scandal due to the recognition of the new head ΕΥΠ Themistocles Demiris is that, in addition to Nikos Androulakis and other journalists, other politicians are also being monitored. “No one is an exception” – said the head of ΕΥΠ. It is emphasized that this is very hard […]

New York Times: "The rot in the heart of Greece is now evident to all"

The New York Times’ extremely scathing criticism of the Mitsotakis government over the wiretapping scandal, which refers to “the rot in the heart of Greece,” caused concern and alarm in the government. At the same time, government spokesman Yannis Ikonomou can talk about an “invited” columnist, that is, a freelance editor (!) of the NYT, […]

D. Spinelli: from "cafao" before "Predator" – evolution "wiretaps"

Until the late 1980s, advertisements for private detectives advertised their services along with “divorce, surveillance, premarital affairs” as well as “τηλεμαγνητοφωνήσεις”. It was common knowledge that this vague term included (illegal) interception of telephone calls. This was usually done by connecting a tape recorder or radio transmitter to the point where the victim’s telephone cable […]

Ex-Greece president criticizes incumbent prime minister for spying on opposition

Mitsotakis government violates the constitution and tries to avoid political responsibility by shifting it to othersbecause of the awkward position associated with the issue of spying on political opponents and journalists, according to former Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos. The former President of the Hellenic Republic openly criticized the Prime Minister, putting the Mitsotakis government in […]