Glyka Nera: fingerprints will help find cruel robbers

Greek law enforcement appears to be close to identifying at least one of the three malefactors who committed the brutal murder in the Glyka Nera robbery. According to the information, police experts identified the killer’s DNA, as he left biomaterial on the clothes of the 20-year-old young mother he killed. The genetic material collected in […]

Murder in Glyka Nera: the police intend to find and punish the brutal robbers

The murder of a young mother in Glyka Nera is being thoroughly investigated by Greek law enforcement agencies. Following the description of the perpetrators by the 32-year-old pilot, husband of the 20-year-old murdered Caroline, according to the ERT, the identification and arrest of those responsible for the atrocious crime in Glick Nera is a matter […]

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