June 25, 2024

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FRONTEX: since the beginning of the year, more than 17 thousand illegal immigrants have entered Greece

The system for controlling the entry of illegal migrants into Greece appears to have failed. And not only on the islands of the eastern Aegean Sea, but also on the coast of the Peloponnese.

In just two days on May 22-23, 205 illegal migrants from Asian countries arrived in Greece, where they submitted the necessary asylum applications to settle permanently.

In most cases, the police are limited to the role of processor and transporter of migrants, since the latter themselves land on the coast and, not seeing any security, are forced to notify the “authorities” themselves. Like, for example, on May 23, when the first port department of Monemvasia was warned by the foreigners themselves about their landing on the Drimiskos beach in the Kyparisi area.

Port Authority employees immediately went to the site where they found 78 people. The above persons, with the assistance of staff EL.AS., were transferred to the temporary accommodation center of the Monemvasia municipality, and one person was transferred to the Molae nursing unit because he was not feeling well. According to FRONTEX data, 17,315 foreigners entered Greece from various points between January and April 2024.


It is noted that these arrivals represent only a fraction of the total number of arrivals, as several thousand more people enter Greek territory undetected. At the same time, hundreds of thousands are waiting in line to enter Greece and are in Turkey, as shown in the video.


In a country that is disappearing due to a generation gap, the hundreds of thousands of foreigners who have entered the country in recent years have created the scene of an unprecedented population shift the likes of which the country has not experienced since independence 203 years ago. The government is not addressing this problem at all. All it does is glorify its successful immigration policies. The “responsible” ministry turns a blind eye to this.

On May 23, the vessel FRONTEX, carrying out a routine patrol carrying foreigners, encountered twelve (12) illegal immigrants at Panagias Beach on Nimos Symi. The foreigners were taken on board the FRONTEX vessel and taken to the port of Symi. The pilot of the ship, after their safe disembarkation, fled to the Turkish coast.

Also on May 23, a European Police Force patrol vessel spotted a motorboat with foreigners on board in the sea northeast of Samos. The ship's crew located seventeen (17) foreigners, all of whom were in good condition, and took them to Pythagorio Harbor. The Port Authority of Samos, which is conducting a preliminary investigation, arrested a 39-year-old foreigner from seventeen, who was the captain of the ship, for “illegal entry into the country.” The remaining foreigners were handed over to the police department and transferred to a closed controlled facility in Samos, as they did not enter the country illegally.

On May 22, eight foreigners arrived at Chios and disembarked. Yesterday at noon, a 28-year-old foreigner, one of 8, was arrested for “illegal entry into the country”while the remaining seven will be transferred to Attica as they entered the country illegally.

On May 22, a patrol boat carrying out a routine patrol noticed a speedboat with foreigners on board, moving without navigation lights towards Symi Island. The boat made dangerous maneuvers during which it collided with a patrol boat, causing passengers to fall into the sea. The boat saved twenty-seven people. Subsequently, a total of fifteen (15) individuals were found in the area of ​​Iera Moni Roukuniotis. All of them will be transferred inland for permanent resettlement.

On May 22, the Unified Coordination Center for Search and Rescue at the Police Headquarters received information about a boat with Muslim foreigners on board in a sea area 52 nautical miles south of Crete.


40 foreigners were rescued by a rescue ship and landed absolutely safely and accurately in the port of Kales Limenoi. They were then transported to Heraklion for further action: applying for asylum and transferring to the mainland for permanent residence.

Yesterday afternoon, the port authorities of Chios were informed of the existence of a suspicious speedboat, which was moving at high speed from the opposite Turkish coast and heading towards the coast of “Agia Ermioni”, east of Chios. A patrol boat went to the site to pick up the eight foreigners. The 30-year-old boat driver was arrested for illegal entry into the country.

PS If in the USA the reason for opening borders to illegal immigrants is clear – the Democratic Party sees them as its voters, then the reason why Greece opened its borders is unclear. Either the responsible officials receive money from the carriers, or this is such a high policy that it is difficult for an adequate person to understand.

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