June 21, 2024

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From the end of July, monthly electricity billing will be introduced for all consumers.

Greek Electricity Distribution Network Operator DEDDIE produces monthly electricity consumption calculations for 53% of consumers since the launch of the program.

It includes major urban and suburban centers such as Athens, Piraeus, Volos, East Thessaloniki, etc. In Attica, 87% of consumers are already taken into account.

Minister of Environment and Energy Theodoros Skylakakis said: “Monthly billing of electricity consumption is included in the initiatives we are promoting at the Ministry of Environment and Energy to reduce energy costs for consumers. To this end, DEDDIE is implementing a corresponding program, which is in full development, aimed at reducing electricity theft, as well as improving consumer capabilities (managing your own accounts), which are two of its main advantages.”

DEDDIE Managing Director Tasos Manos emphasized: “With the main goal of DEDDIE, striving to provide the best service to all its clients, in the context of the existing problems and dynamic development of the Greek energy market, it immediately began to integrate new human resources to perform accounting operations, while simultaneously adjusting all its other internal processes and functions, modernizing information systems and equipment to achieve the goal.” As DEDDIE notes, the benefits of moving to monthly counting are:

  • Maximum rational pricing for all services, since the assessment of actual customer consumption is now carried out monthly.
  • Flexibility to change tariffs because by knowing their monthly consumption, they can change their bills according to their needs.
  • Reducing electricity theft, a phenomenon that burdens all regular customers, since monthly monitoring makes it easier for DEDDIE teams and their cooperating contract companies to detect illegal connections. At the same time acting as a deterrent.

Let us remind you that previously residents of Greece received 2 invoices – an advance payment and a final payment. From now on, bills will arrive monthly.

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