June 25, 2024

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Children injured by jellyfish while swimming in the sea

Sea anemones – sea anemones in Nafplio caused serious skin problems in children, to the point that they had to be hospitalized.

To “m”Orsky anemones” include various gastropods of marine animals, the shape of which resembles a flower, hence the name “anemone”, sea anemone. When swimming in the sea and colliding with them, you can get severe burns. ELKETHE marine biologist Emmanuela Vutsina and specialist dermatologist Penny Dalampura spoke to MEGA about the phenomenon associated with sea anemones and what they can cause.

The sea anemone can become very dangerous because its appearance and color attracts swimmers who tend to approach it when they encounter it in shallow water.

Anemones stick to rocks and do not move, and if someone gets close to them, they can get burned by the acid they secrete on contact. Speaking about sea anemones, Ms. Vucina emphasized: “They are distant relatives of jellyfish. This plant-like animals similar to jellyfish. When we go swimming, we must be vigilant. We shouldn't “get to know nature.” As far as I can see in the pictures, the children decided to play with the “strange flower” in the shallow water.”

Regarding what to pay attention to, Ms. Vucina emphasized: “On organized beaches it would be nice to have lifeguards and first aid materials.”.

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