June 25, 2024

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What do the Greeks own?

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Data from the processing of 6,560,865 tax returns filed by Greek residents in 2023 shows what they own overall.

Reportedly, six out of ten taxpayers in Greece have a car in their name, four out of ten own their first home, two out of ten receive rent on a property (classified as rentiers), more than 127,000 taxpayers bought property in 2022, about 130,000 families send their children to private schools, nearly 1.8 million taxpayers pay installments on loans to banks, while more than 96,000 taxpayers declare a pleasure boat registered in their name, and more than 23,000 declare a swimming pool at home.

In particular:

  • Taxpayers claim to own 5,367,720 automobiles and 96,750 recreational boats.
  • 623 people have an outdoor swimming pool at home, and 345 individuals who declared an annual income above €800,000 also have indoor pools in their luxury homes.
  • 3,275,076 families have a single home, and 963,789 also have holiday homes (dachas). 196,102 taxpayers have secondary housing – a house in a village or village.
  • 1,798,246 taxpayers claim that their primary residence is rented or provided free of charge.
  • 1,041,391 taxpayers declared €4.2 billion in gross income from the rental of residential properties and 550,118 additional income of €4.2 billion from the rental of commercial properties such as shops, offices, warehouses and parking spaces for cars and motorcycles.
  • 1510 declare that they have real estate for exploitation abroad. The number of properties is 21,227, and the income generated from them is 16.789 million euros.
  • 1,406,379 households pay more than $3.1 billion in rent.
  • 870,704 taxpayers said they lived in the home of their parents, relatives or friends.
  • 134,883 taxpayers send their children to private schools, paying a total of €569.625 million in tuition fees, or €4,218 on average.
  • 2,646 taxpayers pay the costs of domestic helpers, chauffeurs and teachers totaling €32.918 million, or an average of €12,440 each.
  • 82,726 taxpayers claim to have deposits abroad.
  • 2,721 individuals have income from abroad totaling 78.190 million euros.
  • 44,030 taxpayers receive pensions from abroad, the amount of which reaches 419.928 million euros or 9,537 euros each.
  • The total amount of interest on deposits of Greeks in domestic banks amounted to 257.562 million euros, and on deposits in banks abroad – 79.159 million euros.
  • 1,767,546 taxpayers declared in the E1 tax return that they had obligations on a mortgage or consumer loan, paying contributions totaling €5.740 billion or an average of €3,247.

In addition, only 7,024,636 citizens carried out transactions with plastic money (based on their numbers AFM). The total amount of purchases of goods and provision of services entered in declaration codes 049 (debtor) and 050 (spouse) amounted to 42.222 billion euros and 12.598 billion euros, respectively.

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