June 12, 2024

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Pickpockets are on the loose in Greece

Greece is famous not only for tourism, but has achieved success and international recognition.

The Mediterranean country, which is now one of the ten most attractive tourist destinations in the world in the most current rankings, took a “dishonorable” place in another list: Greece is one of the ten European countries where pickpockets are more active. This is evidenced by data from the European Pickpocket Index, published by British travel insurance company Quotezone.

According to the data, Greece ranks eighth with 19 theft reports per million visitors in April this yearand the areas with the most reported wallet thefts are:

  • Acropolis,
  • Acropolis Museum,
  • Mykonos Venetia,
  • medieval city of Rhodes,
  • Parthenon.

The index ranks the most popular European holiday destinations based on the percentage of traveler reports of pickpockets on the review site.

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