May 22, 2024

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After 2027, the retirement age will increase by another 1.5 years

Shocking forecasts according to which after 2027 the retirement age should increase by 1.5 years! The main reason for gradually increasing the age limit is demography and the aging of the population.

However, 1.5 years is not the worst forecast; there are fears that the retirement age may be increased by 2.5 years. A report in the newspaper Ta Nea, citing international organizations, said that, according to their estimates, in 2030 Greece will have to increase the retirement age by one and a half years, to 63.5 for those with 40 years of full insurance, and 68 .5 for those who have 15 years of insurance.

It is noted that for women, in connection with longer life expectancy, they propose raising the age limit by one more month in 2030, to 63.6 and 68.6, respectively. The ministry does not seem to think about the fact that by this age women are usually no longer able to work.

It is noted that Greek legislation, starting from 2021, provides for a mechanism for increasing the retirement age, which will adjust the time of retirement depending on life expectancy.

At the same time, Deputy Minister of Social Security Panos Tsakloglu said during a Saturday radio interview that the increase in the retirement age will most likely occur in 2027.

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