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The conflict in eastern Ukraine takes on new dimensions: Chinese volunteers fight in the Russian army

The conflict in eastern Ukraine is taking on a different dimension as new videos show scores of Chinese volunteers rushing to join the Russian army to fight.

According to Russian war correspondent Pavel Kukushkin, there are no problems with communication between the Chinese and Russians, since both use a voice electronic translator. “There is no language barrier! Volunteers from the People’s Republic of China communicate with the commander of the international brigade “Fifteen” using an online translator,” – wrote Kukushkin.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly coming under increasing pressure to take a more aggressive approach to the war against Ukraine and undertake a full-scale mobilization of the country to bolster its manpower, especially after the approval of a $61 billion US arms package for Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Military Intelligence Directorate (GUR) has long argued that Russia is recruiting mercenaries from Syria to fight in Ukraine, and “National Center of Resistance” run by the Ukrainian government's Special Operations Forces, said Malaysians had been found fighting on the Russian side in the occupied Donetsk region.

“Chinese unit in the brigade “Fifteen” growing. More and more Chinese are constantly arriving. Our Chinese brothers are coming to us”says a Russian military officer in a video published by Kukushkin.

Recently, India said it was working to return about 20 of its citizens who it said were tricked into fighting for Russia on the front lines in Ukraine. Some Indian citizens recruited by Russia told AFP they were promised assignments that did not involve frontline combat, but when they arrived in Russia they were trained to use weapons, including Kalashnikovs, and sent to Ukraine.

“We have taken some of them out of Ukraine and are working to take the rest out,” – said the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in early March. But the Chinese don't have such problems. They come to Ukraine precisely to fight and demonstrate this on video.

The Chinese government has remained silent on the issue, refusing to comment on the information and video. Of course, the case of Chinese volunteers in eastern Ukraine is not isolated. In June 2023, Russian TV presenter Olga Skabeeva said that Russia could use millions of Chinese soldiers for the war in Ukraine. China has been an important ally of the Russian president since the launch of his special military operation in Ukraine last February.

Urging millions of Chinese soldiers to join the Russian-Ukrainian war, Olga Skabeeva pointed to fighting in Russia's Belgorod region, where Russian troops ran into trouble last summer, and said: “Don’t reject the idea of ​​two to three million soldiers. This is what is needed now. I look at the Belgorod region and think how much we lack the People’s Liberation Army of China,” – he said.

The video of her remarks was translated and published on Twitter by Anton Gerashchenko, a former adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. China has not announced its plans to send troops to Russia, and Beijing has not officially given the Chinese military permission to leave en masse for Russia.

In April 2023, Vladimir Putin spoke about military cooperation with China during a meeting in Moscow. “We are actively working through our military services, regularly exchanging useful information, collaborating in the field of military-technical cooperation, and conducting joint exercises,” – Vladimir Putin said then.

A series of videos of Chinese fighters fighting the Russian army against the Ukrainian army on Ukrainian territory.

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