May 25, 2024

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Germans from Russia were arrested in Germany on charges of preparing to strike US bases

While the case of intercepted conversations indicating a provocation planned by German officers on the Crimean Bridge remains open, Germany announces an arrest two Germans, immigrants from Russia, as suspects in possible sabotage attacks on American military installations in Germany.

German prosecutors said today that these people worked for foreign intelligencewithout providing any details, but German media reports that this Dieter S. and Alexander J.who were engaged espionage and prepared for sabotage in favor of the Kremlin.

Prosecutors said the suspects were arrested on Wednesday in the small town of Bayreuth in Bavaria, which hosts the annual Richard Wagner opera festival. He added that their homes and workplaces were being searched.

According to the prosecutor's office, the accused are under “serious suspicion” is that they “worked for a foreign secret service in a particularly serious incident.”

In addition, Dieter S., allegedly a 39-year-old citizen of Russia and Germany with dual citizenship, is accused of “conspiracy to commit bombing and arson, acting as an agent for the purpose of sabotage, and collecting information that compromised the security of military installations.”

In particular, Dieter S., according to the investigation, maintained contact with an employee of one of the Russian special services, with whom he developed plans for sabotage in Germany since October 2023. According to the Federal Prosecutor's Office, Dieter agreed to carry out explosions and arson of military infrastructure and industrial facilities in Germany. He was already preparing for this and collecting information about potential targets, including US military facilities.

Second accused – Also ethnic German, native of Russia37-year-old Alexander J. The Prosecutor General's Office also accuses him of acting as an agent of the Russian intelligence services: it is alleged that he has been in contact with Dieter S. since at least March 2024.

According to investigators, the suspects were planning to interfere with the delivery of military aid from Germany to Ukraine. According to prosecutors, Dieter S. stated that he was ready to carry out explosive and incendiary attacks on military infrastructure and industrial facilities with the clear intention “to undermine the military support that Germany provides to Ukraine against the Russian war of aggression.”

According to Der Spiegel, the main object of his attention was the American military site Grafenwoehr in Bavaria, in southern Germany. This is one of the main places where the US military trains Ukrainian troops, in particular, to fight on Abrams tanks.

According to BILD, German Foreign Minister Annalena Bärbock summoned the Russian ambassador to the Foreign Ministry after two people suspected of working for Russian intelligence services were detained in Bavaria. “Our security agencies prevented possible attacks that could have been aimed at our military assistance to Ukraine. We will continue to support Ukraine and will not allow ourselves to be intimidated.”said German Interior Minister Nancy Feser.

The Kremlin said it had no knowledge of the circumstances surrounding the men's arrest.

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