May 22, 2024

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The Mitsotakis government paved the way for the recognition of the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus” by recognizing Kosovo.

In a move with disastrous consequences for Hellenism, New Democracy voted for Council of Europe recognition of Kosovo, which was once part of the former Yugoslavia and was forcibly separated from the Serbian national “core” during the 1999 war, as happened in 1974 with the Turkish invasion of Cyprus.

Two absolutely identical cases. This action will pave the way for Europe to recognize the Turkish Cypriot pseudo-state as a “normal” state. It is characteristic that not a single Greek government still did not even think of moving to indirect recognition of the separation of Kosovo from the Serbian national body for the simple reason that we would recognize the “legitimacy” of Turkey’s demand to recognize the pseudo-state of Northern Cyprus as the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

These two cases are absolutely identical. Invasion and occupation of part of an independent state, then declaring that part independent, occupation by military force, and finally recognition of it.

There is no difference between Turkey's invasion of Northern Cyprus and the secession of the national part of the Republic of Serbia by foreign powers, in this case NATO. Moreover, in the case of Northern Cyprus there is an additional element: Turkey was the “guarantor power” under the Treaty of Zurich and, unfortunately, had the legal ability to invade there whenever it saw fit. At the time, she believed that the Turkish Cypriots were under threat, but NATO invaded completely arbitrarily (its operation was not legalized by the UN).

The same thing could happen in Western Thrace. Most of the population of Northern Cyprus was of Turkish origin, and most of the population of Kosovo was of Albanian origin. This alone was enough.

PS Just don’t remind me about Crimea. Is this completely different…?

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