June 14, 2024

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Two 16-year-olds arrested for armed robbery of peers in Glyfada

On Saturday afternoon (16/3), police from the ΔΙΑΣ team arrested two 16-year-old teenagers who are accused of robbery by prior conspiracy and violating the law on narcotic substances. In addition, a case has been filed against their guardians for neglect of supervision.

According to the police, the accused approached a group of minors who were at a tram stop. Then, threatening them with a knife, they took them to a secluded place, took away their mobile phones and disappeared.

After a coordinated effort by the operations center and a targeted search by the police, the accused were found on a bus in the center of Athens and taken to the Glyfada security department, where they were identified as the perpetrators of the above crime. Confiscated mobile phones were found in their possession and returned to the victims, and 0.5 grams of cannabis was found in possession of one of the accused.

As part of the preliminary investigation by the Glyfada Security Department, one case of robbery was also identified, which occurred in the evening hours of March 9, 2024 in Glyfada, where the accused, together with two accomplices, took money at knifepoint from another minor.

Those arrested were brought before the competent prosecutor.

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