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Greek police prevented "nuclear explosion" at the University of Thessaloniki

Do you know that Greece is a nuclear power? I’m sure not. But now you know. A nuclear reactor is operating at the University of Thessaloniki and a group of “hooded men” were trying to steal some uranium plates, two major media outlets reported on Tuesday.

These hooded villains – most likely students – attacked their target with a chainsaw. I’m not kidding, friends! This is what the Ta Nea newspaper and Skai TV reported on their front page. TA NEA: “AUTH nuclear explosion – how tragedy was averted at the last minute.”


ΣΚΑΙ TV: “Almost a tragedy at AUTH, hooded men attacked a facility with a nuclear reactor with a chainsaw – the rector denies.” The attack took place in the basement of the School of Physics and Mathematics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), the arrested were trying to take away uranium plates.

According to these media reports

A very dangerous, even potentially fatal attack occurred a few days ago in AUTH, before a police operation on Saturday that resulted in 49 arrests. The operation was carried out because the police had information that a group of people were trying to remove metal sheets from outside the library under construction, in the former premises of the Faculty of Biology. Finally, as the newspaper “TA NEA” reports, it turned out that hooded men attacked the basement of the School of Physics, where the nuclear reactor is located, with a chainsaw. In fact, some of those arrested were attempting to remove uranium plates from the reactor vessel, risking the release of radioactivity from the uranium rods or from a special neutron device.

Rector denies ‘terrifying news’

Rector AUTH Charalambos Feidas denied “terrifying news”, stating that about a month and a half ago, the padlock on the door leading to the basement where the reactor is located was broken, but no one entered the area where the reactor is located. In conversation with OPEN He stated to TV that in previous days there had been absolutely no attempts to enter the premises where the nuclear reactor was located. “There is no violation of the space where the nuclear reactor is located, and there is no case of radiation leakage,” – he emphasized.

Rector Feydas explained to local media that there was no leak of radioactivity and that such a thing is impossible, since this particular nuclear reactor is used only for training purposes. “This is a subcritical nuclear reactor, which has been used exclusively for educational purposes since 1974. Leakage or ignition is excluded. It undergoes all types of control by the relevant Greek and European commissions. The subcritical nuclear reactor is stored in an underground room, where there is an armored door and an alarm system,” – he explained, adding that after the incident that occurred in February, security measures have been strengthened.

The prosecutor is investigating

The 49 arrested on Sunday were charged with disrupting service, damaging foreign property, violating the Weapons and Flares Act. They have been released and their trial is scheduled for March 29. Media reported that on Monday those arrested were taken to “extraordinary court” but they were released because there were no witnesses who could support the accusations of breaking the law.

At noon on Tuesday, the head of the Thessaloniki First Instance Prosecutor’s Office ordered the prosecutor to conduct a criminal investigation against TA NEA over “attempts by hooded people with chainsaws to attack the basement of a physics and mathematics school AUTHwhere the nuclear reactor is located, with the aim of re-occupying the biology school AUTH“.

The crimes under investigation reportedly concern the following: obvious damage to a thing used for the public good, generally dangerous damage (complicity) that could result in danger to people and serious disruption of public service (complicity). Let us recall that the low power reactor laboratory has existed at AUTH since 1971.

PS The question is to find out who prepared such a crazy “almost Doomsday” scenario and leaked it to the press. Usually the vile Greeks blame the police, who had to somehow justify the 49 arrests and high-ranking officers close to the Minister of Citizen Protection. Some talk about “chain reaction of stupidity” both the screenwriter and the journalists who leaked the story prepared by the police.

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