June 14, 2024

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A. Georgiadis: "Those who complain about afternoon surgeries are 1% – if they don’t want to go, they shouldn’t go".

Health Minister Adonis Georgiadis said today that “those complaining about day surgeries are the 1%”.

“Not everyone is protesting. The 1 is protesting. Could it be that everyone is protesting and all the hospitals are doing operations in the afternoon? The minister operates in the afternoon, and I go and do operations?” Georgiades said.

As he explained, with daytime operations “We give choice to any doctor, anesthetist and nurse who wants to do surgery in the afternoon, and we give choice to any patient who wants to go and have surgery in the afternoon.”

“We also do not tell any doctor to be sure to go to evening appointments, nor to any patient to be sure to go and pay. Everyone who is screaming is screaming to tell me “you must ban this.” They accuse me of “that I gave them freedom. Those who shout are those who want it to be banned. Those who want to go will go, and those who don’t want to will not go. It’s simple,” – added the Minister of Health.

PS Adonis Georgiadis, whom Kyriakos Mitsotakis places in the most socially difficult positions, usually very cleverly (as he thinks) fends off criticism. However, most of his words for some reason (strange?) work to reduce the rating of the ruling party. It is clear that every government needs a “scapegoat” to whom the attention of dissatisfied sections of the population can be switched, but it seems that someone in Megaro Maximo played too hard, believing that the people of Greece are so naive and stupid.

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