May 25, 2024

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55-year-old Albanian who cut off 65-year-old cook "for bad meat"surrendered to authorities

The 55-year-old Albanian who stabbed a 65-year-old cook in Menemeni (Thessaloniki) was given a deadline to testify on Friday by the 7th Thessaloniki investigator.

An arrest warrant has been issued against an Albanian citizen on charges of attempted murder. Accompanied by his lawyer, he appeared on March 12 at the Thessaloniki prosecutor’s office, placing himself at the disposal of the judicial authorities. According to reports, he claims to have been intoxicated and has reportedly already contacted his victim (a fellow countryman) to apologize to him. The cook underwent surgery and was brought out of the dangerous condition in the hospital.

Grill customer argued about the freshness of pork and stabbed the cook

“He told me that the pork was not today’s freshness and stabbed me with a knife,”told cook while in the hospital where he underwent minor surgery. The incident occurred in the Menemeni area on Sunday 4 March in the afternoon.

In a conversation with reporters, the chef described how a dispute over kontosuvli ended in a stabbing: “A client I knew came into the diner, he was very drunk and ordered potatoes, cheese and kontosuvli with pork. He asked me if the contosuvli were fresh, saying, “I don’t see that they are fresh.” I insisted that they were fresh and I wasn’t serving anything else. I served him the dish, and he began to swear, claiming that the pork was stale and returned the dish to me. The cook called on him to show respect and not swear, the owner also called on him to stop, and at this moment the client stands up and grabs the fork with his right hand. The mistress grabs him by the right hand, and he, taking the knife with his left hand, plunges it into my stomach.”

The victim began bleeding, the attacker remained in the diner for several minutes and then fled on a motorcycle. An ambulance took the bleeding chef to the hospital, where he underwent minor surgery.

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