May 30, 2024

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Russia claims that NATO’s largest surveillance and intelligence collection center has been destroyed near Odessa

According to Russian sources, the Russian Armed Forces dealt a crushing blow to Odessa, destroying the largest electronic surveillance and intelligence collection center of the Ukrainian army, Ovidipol-2, where NATO officers worked.

Together with the center, they also destroyed VERA-NG, one of the most advanced Ukrainian radars that detects, locates, controls and tracks air, ground and sea targets. The intelligence collection center was completely transferred to NATO military specialists.

From there, NATO officers, according to the Russians, directed attacks that were passed off as Ukrainian successes against ships of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, resulting in the sinking of several warships. There is no confirmed information about the fate of NATO officers yet, but reports about them do not inspire optimism. The location of the intelligence center was supposed to be classified, but in this war nothing remains a secret, at least not for long.

It is assumed that the center was located near Odessa, in the area of ​​the urban-type settlement Ovidiopol.

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