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Diabetes symptoms similar to sexually transmitted diseases

Diabetes sometimes goes undiagnosed because some symptoms go unnoticed. Moreover, some of them are very similar to sexually transmitted diseases.

The expert spoke about these symptoms that are worth paying attention to. Specifically, Dr. Neil Petel said an unknown symptom of type 2 diabetes is genital itching or redness of the genitals, which is often associated with sexually transmitted diseases such as yeast.

“Genital itching and burning may indicate a female or male infection. Regular itching is a sign of type 2 diabetes. With diabetes, blood glucose levels can rise abnormally high, which can create ideal conditions for weight gain and also reduce the body’s ability to fight infections,” he said.

“Diabetes can also lead to increased glucose levels in the urine, another extremely favorable place for infection to thrive,” he added. The expert also identified 5 more symptoms:

  • Frequent urination, especially at night.
  • Intense thirst.
  • Persistent feeling of fatigue.
  • Weight problems (abnormal weight loss, abnormal weight gain).
  • Slow wound healing.

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