May 25, 2024

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ΕΟΔΥ calls for vaccination against whooping cough – 34 cases have been recorded since the beginning of 2024

The National Public Health Organization reports an increase in whooping cough cases in Greece and the need for vaccination.

Since the beginning of this year, 34 cases of whooping cough have already been recorded, while only 9 cases were registered in the entire 2023. ΕΟΔΥ draws attention:

“In recent months, in a number of European countries, including our country, an increase in the number of whooping cough cases has been recorded compared to previous years: in Denmark, Great Britain, Belgium, Croatia, Norway, the Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Montenegro, Switzerland, Serbia “.

The message from ΕΟΔΥ says:

“The increase in reported pertussis cases is likely due to delayed immunization of certain age groups, as well as decreased circulation of the pathogen during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the ECDC, the most affected age groups are children, adolescents and infants who have not been vaccinated. In Greece, 34 cases of whooping cough have been recorded since the beginning of 2024. Among the sick are 17 children and adolescents, including 6 infants under one year of age and one newborn.”

Whooping cough is an endemic disease, with outbreaks occurring every three to five years throughout the world, even in countries with high vaccination coverage. Infants are at greatest risk of serious illness and death – almost all deaths in European countries have occurred in infants under three months of age. writes

Protecting infants from serious illness and death from whooping cough is one of the main goals of vaccination programs, the main preventive measure for whooping cough. Timely vaccination should begin from the 2nd month of life, according to the National Immunization Program, and end with all necessary doses of vaccines for children and adults.

Particular attention should be paid to vaccinating pregnant women (every pregnancy and preferably from 27 to 36 weeks), as well as those who have not been vaccinated previously. It is also recommended that all family members in contact with newborns be vaccinated in a timely manner (at least two weeks before contact), regardless of previous illness or vaccination. For whooping cough you need:

  • vigilance of medical workers – pediatricians, neonatologists, obstetricians-gynecologists, general practitioners, pathologists, pulmonologists,
  • increased clinical suspicion (especially in adults with persistent paroxysmal cough, even without other symptoms),
  • laboratory confirmation of diagnosis,
  • timely initiation of appropriate treatment.

ΕΟΔΥ reminds that everyone who has been in contact with a person with whooping cough needs antimicrobial treatment, regardless of previous illness or vaccination. The competent authority for epidemiological surveillance of pertussis and public health systematically records cases of the disease and indicates the need to comply with the recommendations of the National Committee on Immunization.

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