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How much does pizza cost in Greece and Europe?

Pizza tends to become a luxury item, a delicacy associated with “at-home gatherings” with friends and family.

And although the Greeks enjoy pizza as a light food product, they now have to “reach deep into their pockets” to taste it. According to Eurostat data, in 2023 Europeans spent more money on pizza or cheese pie, than a year or two earlier.

In particular, the average price of ready-made pizza in December increased by 5.9% compared to December 2022. This is, of course, a much smaller increase than the 15.9% that was recorded when comparing December 2022 with December 2021. In Greece, pizza prices increased by 3.9% in December 2023 year on year. This is a significant slowdown in price growth, since compared to December 2022 with the same month in 2021, there was an increase of 15.2%.

The highest increases in prices for pizza and cheese pie were recorded in Hungary (13.4%), Luxembourg (11.3%) and Latvia (10.6%). In contrast, the Netherlands recorded a price decline of 0.9%, while slight increases were noted in Denmark (0.6%) and Belgium (1%). Pizza cost in EU also in December 2022 increased almost three times (15.9%).

It is noted that “galloping prices” for basic food products could not but affect the cost of pizza. As a result, this leads to a very large burden on the family budget and affects thousands of households.

In a recent consumer survey conducted by the Institute of Consumer Goods Retail Research (IELKA) in November 2023, it was found that reduced uniform shopping for food and essentials, cancellation of travel and entertainment spending and rescheduling, costly work from home or in a car is among the changes consumers have made to their budgets to “make ends meet.”

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