June 25, 2024

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An Egyptian in Glyfada killed the shipowner Carnesi, the general director of the shipping company and the captain

According to initial information, four people were killed in a shooting at the offices of a shipping company owned by the Carnis family in Glyfada. The perpetrator turned out to be a former employee who burst into an office on Artemisiou Street and opened fire with a shotgun, killing three people before committing suicide.

Killed in shooting at shipping company office, reports say the sister of shipowner Spyros Karnesis Maria Karnesi, the managing director of the shipping company Antonis Vlassakis, married to the sister of Maria Karnesi, and the former captain and employee of the company’s accounting department Elias Koukularis.


Maria Carnesi, sister of Antonis Vlasakis’s wife


CEO of the shipping company Antonis Vlassakis

The perpetrator, whom the Greeks called “Aris” but whose real name was El Burai, was a company employee who had recently been fired. According to the same information, he worked for many years as a watchman at the Karnesis family home in Petalios.

The offender entered the company’s premises from the parking lot because, despite being fired, he still had access to the premises. Upon entering the room, he said that he was going inside to restore order. He first went up to the mezzanine floor, where he shot two people, and then stopped on the second floor, where he shot another woman.

Shocking testimonies of employees who managed to get out of the company: “He entered the offices and attacked his superiors”:

In particular, one of the employees said the following: “We were in our office and heard shots, we didn’t know what happened. This is a former employee of the company, an Egyptian by birth, who was fired long ago. Apparently he wanted to take revenge on his superiors. He shouted for everyone to leave. He didn’t want to kill any of us. Only the bosses. That’s why he chose them. He shot and killed two supervisors and an employee who approached him in an attempt to calm him down. He came with a gun and a revolver. When he entered the company, he had no weapon visible, he was holding a bag in his hands. I was on my floor, hiding under the table until the police arrived and pulled us all out.”

Another company employee said: “I was on the first floor, and what happened was on the second. I heard the first two shots, went out onto the stairs and saw two guys coming down and said: ‘It’s Ares with a gun, and he’s shooting!’ I saw him enter the company because I was near the entrance. I know his car because we both have worked here for many years. I know he’s retired, but I don’t know if he was fired.”

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