June 15, 2024

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The State Security Service of Georgia reports the prevention of the delivery of explosives from Ukraine to Russia

The State Security Service of Georgia claims that on January 19, the transit of S-4 explosives weighing 14 kg from Ukraine to Russia was prevented.

It entered the country under the guise of electric vehicle batteries, writes publication “Echo of the Caucasus”. The cargo was sent from Odessa, followed through Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey, and crossed the Turkish-Georgian border through the Sarpi checkpoint. This was stated by Bacha Mgeladze, head of the counter-terrorism center of the State Security Service of Georgia.

Three explosive devices were seized on the Russian-Georgian border, and three more were “left in Tbilisi at a specific address.” The destination of the cargo is Voronezh. The substance was transported by a Ukrainian citizen in a minivan; she planned to arrive in Voronezh through the Daryal checkpoint. The State Security Service of Georgia admits that terrorist attacks were planned on Georgian territory. Mgeladze says:

The “organizer of the process” was a native of Batumi, a citizen of Ukraine, Andrei Sharashidze, who in 2020 ran for the Rada of the Odessa region from the Servant of the People party. Seven citizens of Georgia, three citizens of Ukraine and two citizens of Armenia were involved in the process, but only Sharashidze knew about the explosive devices and detonator capsules installed in the car’s batteries. As for the three explosive devices left in Tbilisi, whether they were intended to be exported to Russia or should have remained in Georgia to be detonated will be determined by the ongoing investigation.”

The State Security Service suggests that “given the use of Georgian territory and the widespread involvement of Georgian citizens in this process,” they planned to accuse Tbilisi “of both planning and implementing terrorist attacks, the implementation of which was planned in Georgia or abroad.”

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