May 25, 2024

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The French Foreign Ministry will summon the Russian Ambassador due to the death of French volunteers in Berislav

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns Russia’s attack on the Kherson region, which resulted in the death of two French volunteers on February 1, and will summon Russian Ambassador Alexei Meshkov.

The statement was made on Monday, February 5: the Foreign Ministry wishes to condemn the Russian strikes that killed two French aid workers in Ukraine last week. reports BFMTV publication, citing a diplomatic source.

Paris “will also condemn the resumption of disinformation directed against France,” the same source added, days after the Ministry of the Armed Forces discovered a “coordinated maneuver by Russia” to spread false information concerning France.

Recently, tensions between France and Russia have increased. Moscow accused France of “militaristic madness” after announcements of new arms supplies to Kyiv. France expects to be the target of a new wave of Russian disinformation when President Emmanuel Macron is expected to visit Ukraine in February.

Let us remind you that on February 1, the head of the Kherson OVA reported that two volunteers, French citizens, were killed as a result of Russian shelling in Berislav. Three of their colleagues were injured, and an activist from the Ukrainian representative office of the organization was also injured. French President Emmanuel Macron and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky responded to the incident.

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