May 30, 2024

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Ierapetra: 17-year-old was seriously injured on a motocross track and died during surgery (video)

A tragedy occurred in Ierapetra: the engine of a motorcycle failed and a minor boy received fatal injuries after falling from a 10-meter height in a jump.

It all happened on a Saturday afternoon on a makeshift motocross track. The young man and his friends trained and performed various jumps, overcoming obstacles.

During one of the jumps, the motorcycle engine stalled, and the teenager fell from a ten-meter height, landing on his back. Yiannis Petrakis, deputy director of the Ierapetra hospital where the injured young man was taken by ambulance, says: quotes edition

“The minor arrived at the hospital intubated, with severe and multiple chest injuries. He lost a lot of blood and was immediately given two vials while being rushed to the operating room. Unfortunately, he died during surgery.”

Witness statements say the teenager was wearing appropriate equipment, but it was not enough to provide full protection.

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