June 12, 2024

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A thief tried to steal a wallet on a bus and then escape through the window.

The crazy scenes witnessed by passengers on a city bus caused panic and outrage.

There was chaos inside the public vehicle, and it was as if a movie was being filmed: a woman was screaming heart-rendingly, trying to climb out the window, and passengers were grabbing her, preventing her from escaping.

A thief was reportedly caught trying to steal a passenger’s wallet on a public bus. According to GrTimes, as soon as the attacker was noticed, she tried to escape through a horizontal bus window measuring no more than 30 centimeters. The driver stopped the vehicle to “avoid getting into trouble.”

According to a video published by a local website, the woman was stuck in the window opening, while she could be heard screaming and she was hanging half out of the window.

As can be seen in the footage, passengers tried to stop her and keep her inside the bus, but the woman fought and screamed. Thus, in the end, she managed to squeeze through the window opening, leave the bus and hide in an unknown direction. In the hands of the “people’s punishers” there remained a cap containing a thief, a pack of cigarettes and two lighters. As for the wallet, it is not specified whether it was found and returned to its owner.

The incident occurred today, around 10:00, on Vas Avenue. Olgas on bus line 3K, approximately at the height of Botsari Street.

There are apparently a lot of acrobats in Greece. Only recently we wrote about how a “daydreaming” passenger, realizing that she had missed her stop, “went out” through the window of the bus while it was moving.

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