July 19, 2024

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Two Greeks again broke the world record for the number of tandem push-ups

Georgios Kotsimpos, a native of the small mountain village of Inochori Fokidos, and Apostolos Dervas, a native of the Athens region of Kessariani, now living in Crete, broke the Guinness record for the most tandem push-ups.

The men completed 51 reps, beating their previous record of 43 reps!

The record was set on September 1, 2023 in Heraklion (Crete) and confirmed on December 5, 2023. Dervas and Kotsimpos trained rigorously for months, pushing their physical capabilities to the limit to achieve this remarkable milestone. Their dedication and perseverance paid off and they once again etched their names into book Guinness records.

“This is an incredible achievement achieved through hard work and unwavering determination., said George Kotsimpos. – We believed in ourselves and knew we could break the 50 tandem push-up mark.”

This is the third Guinness World Record for George Kotsimpos, who previously set the record in December 2020″Most hand push-ups in a minute“. In December 2022, Kotsimpos and Dervas broke the record for the first time.”Most tandem push-ups in a row“, and now, after much training, they have set that standard again.

Just a year ago, the record stood at 39 reps, until Kotsimpos and Dervas doubled the bar. Their achievement highlights the power of teamwork, camaraderie and strong will.

Even though Kotsimpos weighed ten kilograms less than Dervas, he bore the brunt of the exercise and lifted most of their combined weight. Dervas, in turn, played a crucial role in maintaining balance and preventing Kotsimpos from collapsing under the strain.

Kotsimpos has battled serious injuries in recent years, including a severe arm injury that required two surgeries and an arthroscopy on his right shoulder. These challenges only fueled his determination to push boundaries and achieve excellence. Dervas had to overcome a right arm injury in early 2023 that required six stitches and lost significant training time while training separately for the Athens Marathon.

Dervas and Kotsimpos pass on this world record as an inspirational message to their children, emphasizing the importance of hard work and determination. With this achievement, they want to show their children that overcoming difficulties and achieving outstanding success is possible with unwavering dedication to their work. These two don’t like to waste time, and there’s likely more to come soon.

Tandem push-ups refer to a style of push-ups performed by two people in unison. In this joint exercise, each person faces in different directions while one of the athletes lies face down on the other. They synchronize their movements, simultaneously lower their body to the ground, and then push up to the starting position. Unlike traditional push-ups, tandem push-ups emphasize not only individual strength and endurance, but also the ability to maintain a consistent rhythm and alignment throughout the exercise. Tandem push-ups often require a high level of communication, trust, and physical coordination between participants.

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