May 27, 2024

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While decorating a Christmas tree, a schoolgirl received an electric shock and ended up in hospital.

The incident occurred on the morning of Thursday, December 7, 2023, at Hersonissos High School. A student was electrocuted while she was decorating a Christmas tree with her teachers and classmates.

The student, according to, was initially transferred to the rural clinic of Hersonissos, but later it was found necessary to transfer her to PAGNI, where she is still being treated at the children’s clinic. According to doctors, her life is not in danger.

“The children, together with their teachers, decorated the Christmas tree. The moment my daughter tried to turn on the light, she received an electric shock. I can’t believe that the short circuit relay on the school switchboard didn’t work,” the student’s father told, who cannot understand how his child was exposed to danger at one time or another.

After the incident, school staff called an electrician, who has been checking the electrical installations and the operation of the electrical panel since yesterday. According to sources, the relay in the electrical panel of the school is working normally. Perhaps the incident occurred due to faulty lamps in the garland or a cable break.

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