May 25, 2024

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In the Black Sea, due to a storm, one ship was lost, another was split in half (video)

The dry cargo ship Pallada, which left Odessa, ran aground and split in two off the Turkish coast. The Turkish vessel Kafkametler, traveling from the Russian Federation, sent a distress signal and is not in contact.

It’s all due to a storm in the Black Sea. The Turkish cargo ship Kafkametler, transporting a cargo of ferroalloys (1542 tons) from the Russian port of Temryuk in the Krasnodar Territory to the port of Aliaga in Turkey, disappeared, reported Turkish TV channel TRT Haber, after sending a distress signal. There are 12 crew members on board. The captain of the ship said that it was drifting towards the breakwater in the port of Eregli.

Turkey’s General Directorate of Maritime Affairs reported that on November 19 at 10:29 a.m., the ship issued a distress signal near the city of Eregli in the northwest of the country. It was not possible to contact the ship. It was also not possible to get there due to bad weather conditions. The headquarters promised to begin search operations using aviation and marine equipment as soon as weather conditions permit.

The Sukhovantazh Pallada under the Cameroonian flag, which arrived in Turkey from the Ukrainian Odessa, crashed, reports Independent – it split into two parts off the coast of the city of Eregli in the Turkish province of Zonguldak.

The cause of the accident was a severe storm. The entire crew, numbering 13 people, was evacuated, there is no information about casualties, reports the Maritime Administration of the Turkish Ministry of Transport. The anchored ship washed ashore, where it crashed into the concrete walls of the port. Judging by the video, the cargo ship broke across the hull. The incident occurred around 10:00 local time; the cargo ship left Odessa on November 3.

Our publication reported that it was damaged in Thessaloniki on Saturday, November 18 destroyer “Βέλος”which was also caused by the storm.

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