May 25, 2024

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A 17-year-old Gypsy is shot and killed during a police chase. Riots in Aspropirgo and Thebes

A 17-year-old Roma man was shot dead during a police chase in the city of Thebes, north of Attica, on Saturday evening. According to media reports, police tried to search a suspicious car in the greater Aliarto area in the Viotia region, but the car did not stop.

A chase ensued and at one point the car was surrounded by police in a dead-end lane in the village of Layontari in Thebes. According to police sources, one of the minor passengers tried to snatch the officer’s gun, which then went off, killing the young man. The brother of the deceased claims that it was the policeman who fired the gun.

41-year-old police officer from the unit OPKEfrom whose pistol the shot was fired, stated: “When I opened the car door, he tried to snatch my gun from my hands. When I realized his intention, I tried to free the gun and heard the roar of a shot.”

However, three other passengers in the car, a boy and two girls, said that the guy was beaten by a policeman before the incident ended in a bloody event.

According to the TV channel’s report OPEN TV, it all happened shortly after 12 midnight. The black car, in which there were 4 people, did not stop when the police signaled to check. A chase ensued for approximately 20 km. Finally, the car was driven into a dead end by a police crew. Witnesses say a shot was then heard, fatally wounding the driver. The policeman who owns the weapon has been detained.

In a statement, the Minister for Citizen Protection, Yiannis Ikonomou, expressed his condolences to the family of the young victim and stressed: “The circumstances under which the unfortunate incident occurred are being investigated by the competent authorities. Anyway ELAS, which strives daily for the safety of citizens, must operate within the bounds of the Constitution, laws and rules of engagement, even in conditions of wrongdoing and mistrust, during which there is admittedly a heightened risk of accident. The competent police and judicial authorities are investigating this incident in all its aspects, with prescribed and appropriate actions to fully clarify it.”

An autopsy will establish the exact cause of the young Gypsy’s death, and also check whether there were any signs of a fight on the body. The death of a young gypsy led to riots in Aspropirgo and Thebes.


On Monday evening, large groups of people took to the ring road in the Egalio area and began throwing stones at passing cars. Authorities say this is the reaction of Roma to the murder of a teenager in Viotia. The authorities closed the road to vehicle traffic from the level of NATO Avenue in the direction of Scaramanga.

For the second day in a row, groups of gypsies provoked incidents on the “bridge of terror” in Piri from Thebes by setting fires.

According to Radio Thebes, police are at the scene and traffic has been stopped.

This is not the first such incident. A similar thing happened a little less than a year ago in the suburbs of Thessaloniki. A 16-year-old Gypsy man was shot and killed during a police chase. The teenager filled up with gas for 20 euros and left the gas station without paying the bill. During the ensuing police chase he was shot in the head. The policeman who shot the young man, as in the recent incident, was arrested. The investigation revealed that it was he who fired his service weapon to stop the criminal fleeing the crime scene. Officer charged with attempted manslaughter.

Local police try not to mess with gypsies, realizing that powerful pressure from organized Roma communities, as well as the strange loyalty of the country’s political leadership to offenses by Roma, could influence the courts. As a result, a police officer who did his duty and followed instructions may be charged and convicted.

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