May 25, 2024

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Rhodes: the “wave” of tourists in October was one of the best in recent years

Satisfaction with the progress of this year’s tourist season, which is coming to an end, is expressed by travel agents in Rhodes, who believe that in November the tourist flow will develop better than in previous years.

Both on Rhodes and on other Dodecanese islands it was recorded increase in traffic, despite the fact that the island was damaged by fire in July. The President of the Dodecanese Guides Association, Dimitris Salahouris, expressed his satisfaction with the season, saying that October was a great month and November will be just as good.

In particular, he noted: “The season was very good. Rhodes is a destination for mass tourism and we must meet the needs of those who come to us. It would be good to maintain the highest possible level of our services with courtesy and smiles. And I hope that every year we improve in this area.”

As experts note, retired tourists will constantly visit Rhodes as part of the winter tourism program. In particular, Mr. Hatzimarchos stated the following: “Tourism 2023 is coming to an end with excellent results, and this despite the great difficulties that we have faced this season. TUI Group will close this year with a “+” sign, despite the fact that the overall European market and economy are in recession. And Rhodes, despite the July forest fires, showed an increase of 10%. We are already preparing for 2024 with the same seriousness and professionalism that brought results that gave us all strength and optimism.”

Tourists will return to Rhodes in the coming weeks. These are pensioners who will be constantly visiting Rhodes until the next tourist season as part of winter tourism programsimplemented on the island by the agency in collaboration with an Austrian group and a travel agency in Turkey.

Presumably, pensioners from England, France and Germany will come to us in the first round, and other countries such as Scandinavia and the Netherlands will join us in the second. Transportation of tourists from these countries will be carried out by Aegean airline.

According to available data, in the first round we will have about 10,000 tourists, in the second – at least another 20,000 retired tourists.

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