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Where will the Greeks go on October 28?

Three-day advance bookings for short-term rentals (such as Airbnb) have reached capacity.

This year, although October 28 falls on a Saturday, there is increased mobility when booking properties registered on short-term rental platforms in popular destinations across the country.

Arachova, Kalavryta, Dimitsana, Karpenissi, Monemvasia, Loutraki, Galaxidi are just some of the destinations that are full for three days starting October 28th.

According to the data, advance booking rates range from 72% to 95%, while most popular winter destinations have rates above 85%. This is the first crash test ahead of winter tourist season, on which entrepreneurs are placing big bets.

It is noteworthy that in Arachova the number of pre-bookings now reaches 80%, and everything suggests that this year the so-called “winter Mykonos” will become one of the “hottest” winter destinations. Asking prices for two-night rentals range from €353 to €468.

In Kalavryta, asking prices for rentals range from 379 euros to 515 euros, in Karpenisi from 255 to 499 euros.

A good road network connecting Athens with the prefecture of Arcadia has in recent years made the area’s winter destinations a must-see for both overall holidays and two- or three-day trips during the winter months.

High on the list of options is Karpenisi, which is invariably preferred by both Athenians looking to escape the capital for three days, as well as residents of Phthiotis and neighboring prefectures. In Galaxidi, on the western side of Itea Bay, which is 44 kilometers from Arachova, the cost of renting a house with an area of ​​45 sq.m. set at 170 euros for two nights. In Loutraki residence 66 sq.m. available for 170 euros for two nights, and in Monemvasia a residence of 38 sq.m. available for 171 euros for two nights.

As noted, last year’s season was considered particularly successful for property owners registered on short-term rental platforms with commercial housing in popular winter destinations.

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