July 14, 2024

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"Training nuclear strike" (video)

In Russia, the task of delivering a “massive retaliatory nuclear strike” has been “performed.”

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about this reported to President Vladimir Putin:

“The task of a massive nuclear strike by strategic offensive forces in response to an enemy nuclear strike has been worked out.”

The Kremlin later reported that practical launches of ballistic and cruise missiles took place as part of training with the forces and means of the land, sea and air components of the nuclear deterrent forces.

Video of the launches was published on social networks of the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Yars intercontinental ballistic missile was launched from the Plesetsk cosmodrome at the Kura test site in Kamchatka, and the Sineva ballistic missile was launched from the Barents Sea from the nuclear-powered missile submarine Tula. Tu-95MS long-range aviation aircraft were involved in the exercises.

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