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Greek film legend Maria Chronopoulou dies

The grand dame of Greek cinema, Maria Chronopoulou, died on Friday in an accident at her home. The popular actress was 90 years old.

She suffered a serious hematoma after falling down the stairs at her home in Paiania (East Attica) on October 2. She was hospitalized in the intensive care unit, with no signs of recovery until her death on Friday 6 October. Maria Chronopoulou was one of the most popular actresses of the 1960s and 1970s during the “golden era” of Greek musical films.

Her role in The Lady in Bouzoukiah (1968) became a classic. The actress played the role of a wealthy and energetic shipowner who falls in love with a shipyard worker (Phaidon Georgitsis), who, in turn, is the object of the secret love of a neighbor girl.

Video: “Tell that boy over there that I’m dying” of love.

She once said in an interview that this and other similar roles “destroyed” her personal life because everyone thought she was a woman who stole men from others.

Maria Chronopoulou also starred in dramatic films and repeatedly performed in the theater. She last appeared in a movie in the mid-1990s, but she will forever remain in the memory of the Greeks as a dynamic businesswoman in the iconic dress with a knife in her chest.

Twenty years ago, she suffered burns in a fire in her home and has had mobility problems ever since. The actress actively participated in children’s charities. Having no children of her own, she said: “All these children are mine.” She was married once and only for one year.


Maria Chronopoulou lived alone with a nurse, who found her after the fatal incident.

In her last interview a few months ago, the actress said she would like to be cremated in a very low-key ceremony.

Rest in peace, Marula.

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