May 25, 2024

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Greece: 13-year-old girl gave birth in hospital toilet after doctor prescribed laxative

A teenage girl came to a Greek hospital complaining of severe abdominal pain. The doctor prescribed her a laxative, after taking which she gave birth in the toilet of the hospital.

The doctor did not notice the pregnancy, and the mother and the teenager claimed that the girl did not have sexual relations. The incident happened last Saturday writes The child’s father is a classmate, and she herself comes from a middle-income family.

The minor is under the supervision of psychologists. She claims that she did not suspect she was pregnant.

The president ΠΟΕΔΗΝ Michalis Giannakos stated that “at the hospital, when asked by the pediatrician, both the girl and the mother answered that she had not had sexual intercourse. She was given a laxative and she gave birth to a healthy girl in the toilet. Obviously, a feeling of shame intervened here.”

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