December 1, 2023

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Doubled the number of available visits to police stations to obtain new tavtotits

Expected that ΕΛ.ΑΣ will double the number of available appointments for citizens in October and November, as demand from those wishing to receive a new tautotite exceeds established capacity.

According to the police, this process is under constant monitoring in order to be able to serve as many citizens as possible who want to obtain a new identity card. It should be noted that the availability of reception points (police departments) and services to citizens will vary depending on the territory (their place of residence).

Indeed, it has already been noted that in Attica and Thessaloniki, as well as in some other urban centers, all calendar days for receiving citizens are already “full.” Thus, in ΕΛ.ΑΣ, in cooperation with GIS, it was decided that an additional 49,335 meetings/rendezvous would be “opened”.

We remind you that police departments simultaneously provide a large number of emergency services to citizens who come to the department “for special reasons,” for example, due to the loss or theft of an identity card. We are also accepting vulnerable categories of citizens and people with disabilities. The police departments are under a huge burden and the staff is doing their best to serve as many citizens as possible.

Let us remind you that for the past week the process of issuing new identity cards has been going smoothly at all 367 points scattered throughout Greece.

They operate 429 citizen service points, which can process approximately 50,000 applications per month. As of today and through November 30, 2023, 98,241 entries are open. Of these, about 60,000 (61%) appointments are reserved at police stations. This leaves approximately 38,000 available appointments (for a specific day and time) for appointments.

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