April 16, 2024

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Cyclone Elias demolishes houses in Greece

The situation in Evia is very difficult due to heavy rainfall in the area.

According to the ERT channel, although the rain has stopped since Thursday afternoon (September 28), the impact of the weather is particularly critical, since the roads are covered with stones, tree trunks and clay carried by the stormy waters.

Many homes and businesses were flooded, and residents cleared mud to try to save their belongings.


Kria Vrisi: in the area of ​​Northern Evia, as can be seen in the video and photos, a house tilted and was almost carried away by the rapid flow of the river.


Volos: The area of ​​Agia Paraskevi was razed to the ground, entire streets were flooded.


Many areas of Northern Evia were left without electricity and water. This happened due to damage to networks by river floods. The color of the sea has turned black. Ashes from fires and soil were washed into it.


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