December 7, 2023

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Tourism: "Times" recommends Greece as an autumn destination

The British newspaper The Times positions Greece as a holiday destination during the “velvet season”. The publication colorfully tells about the beaches, excellent air and sea temperatures, as well as interesting historical attractions, i.e. holidays suitable for different types of travellers.

“From the shores of the mainland to sandy beaches and coves, to countless islands and islets, Greece boasts an endless number of beaches. Visitors have almost limitless options for creating unforgettable experiences,” the article says. Starting with photographs of the blue-green waters of Mylopotas on Ios, a popular British newspaper strongly recommends:

  • Chios for swimming in the sea,
  • Lipsey for learning about life in the “Greek countryside”,
  • Astypalea, as a “lair of pirates”,
  • Crete with its “silver” beaches,
  • Skopelos – for privacy,
  • Antiparos – for family holidays,
  • Naxos – for a holiday without crowds,
  • Koufonisi and Skiathos are for romantics.

“It is important that travelers look for authentic and sustainable destinations. We hope that Greece’s initiative to provide quality tourism services without large-scale interference with nature (which, unfortunately, is observed on many other islands in the world) will be appreciated by visitors arriving here during the velvet season,” the Times article concludes .

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