February 25, 2024

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In Aegina, a 14-year-old teenager committed suicide due to unrequited love

A 14-year-old schoolboy in Aegina went to school yesterday morning, and at noon he was found hanging from a tree – he committed suicide.

The local community is devastated by the teenager’s untimely death. By data newsbeast.gr, he left a note to his family in which he wrote that he loved the girl, but she was indifferent to him, so he decided to commit suicide.

Previously, our publication reported that in Halandri a 14-year-old daughter of diplomats committed suicide. After falling from the fourth floor of a private school, she was taken to the Central Public Hospital of Athens, where doctors did everything possible to save her life. However, unfortunately, it was already too late. Doctors spent an hour trying to revive her by performing CPR.

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