September 22, 2023

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Subsidies for electricity and heating: special assistance for families

The Prime Minister made a statement about support for vulnerable households, with a particular focus on energy-related assistance.

Against the backdrop of world oil prices, which have approached the $100 mark, there has been a strong increase in the starting price for fuel oil. The scenario of subsidizing gas stations, as was the case last year, is currently not being considered, since, in addition to budget costs, in 2022 there was a need to increase fuel consumption instead of natural gas.

This year, beneficiaries will have to meet the same income criteria to receive heating subsidies. With only one difference, which Mr. K. Mitsotakis focused on in his speech: special support will be provided for large families.

The information indicates that the income ceiling (if there are minor children) will increase to 5,000 euros from today’s 3,000 euros. So for a family of four with an income limit set at €30,000 last year, the threshold is raised to €34,000 this year, covering more households in need. This year’s heating allowance fund is estimated at 230 million euros. Particular attention will be paid to the electricity sector.

In addition to the enhanced subsidy for beneficiaries of the social tariff (STS), a special tariff is also planned for large families.

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